Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cover Art: Tasty Table Treats

This is the cover artwork of the Tasty Table Treats cookbook, published in 1947 by Southern Publishing Association:
"Darling, I baked you a pie!  It's made of concentrated nightmares!"

Oh god.  I am afraid of this woman.  She really creeps me out with that psychotic leer.  And the room looks all dark, like she's baking pies at night... in the dark... with her hair perfectly coiffed. Also, the background is at an off-kilter angle, which is cinematic code for waking up tied to a chair.  Your head hurts and the room is spinning.  Did you hit your head?  Were you drugged?  Why are you tied to this chair?  Why is there a wadded-up oven mitt stuffed in your mouth? The room is dark except for the glow of the oven light.  A strange woman enters the room, takes a pie out of the oven, and grins at you. 

We've all been there!  Amiright?  But who wants to relive that horror?  I mean, that was the frickin' worst meringue I ever ate!

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