Thursday, August 22, 2013

Actually, I'm still on hiatus because I suck at multi-tasking.

Hey guys. This is Jen, popping in to look guilty and remorseful.

I know there are lots of other people who can maintain blogs and such while going to school or working in busy careers or raising families (or all of the above), but I am not one of those people. I went back to school about a year and a half ago to finish my undergraduate degree, and I'm still plugging away at it. I have a daughter who is growing all the time, and I try to spend as much of my non-school time as I can with her because she's such a cool little person and I love her.

While I've been getting better at keeping up with deadlines in my school life, it has made it harder for me to manage any additional (even self-imposed) deadlines in my blogging life. I've slowly dropped all of my fun projects so that I can focus on school.

I really, really hope that I can come back to this blog someday. I have had so much fun with it, and I feel really guilty each time I think about my abandoned projects. Anyway, I appreciate the great feedback my readers have given me. Please keep me in your bookmarks (if you want to and it's not too much trouble).