Thursday, July 15, 2010

Metapost: Judging A Cookbook By Its Cover

I'm heading out of town this weekend, so I won't be posting a recipe.  I know this is a huge disappointment to my vast and loyal fanbase, but so it goes and whatnot.   I don't want to leave you guys pining away for me, though, so I've got a vintage cookbook cover for you to ponder in my absence.

Dudes and Ladies, kindly direct your gaze to the bottom left corner...

Is that slices of avocado floating in cups of tea?!?!   I've looked through the recipes in this book and can't figure out what recipe this picture is supposed to be.  If anyone has any idea what that is, post it in the comments section.  I will judge the best/funniest comment on Friday, July 23rd.  The winner will receive a shiny "FTW" award* and the runner-up will receive the ever-so-slightly less shiny "WTF" award*.

That's all I've got!  See you next week!

*Legal boilerplate and such:  These awards only exist on the internets, but you'll totally have the satisfaction of knowing your comment is the very bestest of them all.
July 24, 2010 - UPDATE: No comments, No Winner!  :-(
Okay, I think maybe I've jumped the gun a little bit here.  Maybe I shouldn't attempt a comment contest until I've been around for more than a few weeks and accumulated a larger following.  Or any following.  Oh well.   When I consider the number of websites and blogs where I lurk and never comment, this isn't so surprising.  Anyhow, to all 3 of my loyal, but painfully shy readers, I say this:  feel free to comment on the site any time you wish!  I promise to reserve all of my mockery and snark for the terrible food I'm making and not unleash it upon your comments!


  1. Hubs' britishwannabe grandma would make hot apple drink and float thin apple slices in it just like that. Can I have an award now?

  2. Sure! You can have the WTF award, the FTW award, and you can even say "First!!1!" if you're so inclined!